On Sat, Jun 02, 2012 at 12:13:27AM +0300, Andi Cristian Șerbănescu wrote:
> 1. When using the HilightBack MenuStyle option, disabled menu items use the

Deprecated in favour of colorsets.

> 2. Raising the icon labels above everything else when hovering above them with
> the mouse is annoying. They should always be in the same layer as the icons

That's because the labels themselves are just a normal window, created with
XCreateSimpleWindow().  I'll look in to this.

> themselves. Also, the icon label should expand only when focused, not simply
> when under the pointer (it could be made customisable, but I don't see why one
> would like it the way it is).

No.  It used to work like this in FVWM 2.3.X, and I don't want an option for

> 3. When using the FPClickDecorRaisesFocused FocusStyle together with
> MouseFocus, FPPassRaiseClick indeed passes the click to the widgets, but
> it doesn't raise the window anymore. !FPPassRaiseClick (default) behaves
> as expected, but FPClickRaisesFocused and FPClickIconRaisesFocused pass
> the click regardless of it. Something's wrong…

Send me through a proper fvwm2rc snippet for this, using XTerm as a guide
and I'll take a look.  I suspect I know what's causing this though.


-- Thomas Adam

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