On 26/04/16 19:54, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> Hash: SHA512
> Hi Colin,
> Am Di den 26. Apr 2016 um 19:23 schrieb Colin Clark:
>>> I think, you refer to Bug #377, not #380...?
>> #377 is "Reorganising bookmarks by mouse drag causes seg fault", which is
>> still open. (Actually, I think it is probably a general DnD fault, not a
>> bookmarks problem.)
> Hmm... But the commit comment you gave is:
>      Fix crash on drag and drop from Xfe
>      The issue is that when dragging and dropping from Xfe, paths aren't
>      escaped like they are when dnd'ing from a GTK app.
> Which makes me believe that it is #377.
Hi Klaus

This patch came from a post by Jonathan Boeing on the sourceforge 

I put it into the repository without a github Issue number being raised.

In the commit comment I should have put a link to the entry in the 
sourceforge mailing-list, so that there was traceability to the origin 
of the patch.


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