I joined your list to ask if you would look again at Bugs 190 and 193.
There is a patch, you just need to adopt it.


In Ubuntu 16.04 I had the impossibly slow file move problem and
remembered it was reported a long time ago.  I applied the patch that
the Fedora geeqie packager applied (attached) and the problem was
completely solved.

The original patch source:

Still applies cleanly to Geeqie 1.2.2 and it truly helps a great deal.

Paul E. Johnson
Director, Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis

To write directly, address me at pauljohn at
diff -Nur geeqie-1.1-orig/src/filedata.c geeqie-1.1/src/filedata.c
--- geeqie-1.1-orig/src/filedata.c	2012-08-12 22:13:41.000000000 +0200
+++ geeqie-1.1/src/filedata.c	2013-02-01 18:44:12.921684510 +0100
@@ -2707,10 +2707,21 @@
 void file_data_send_notification(FileData *fd, NotifyType type)
+	GList *work = notify_func_list;
+	while (work)
+		{
+		NotifyData *nd = (NotifyData *)work->data;
+		nd->func(fd, type, nd->data);
+		work = work->next;
+		}
+    /*
 	NotifyIdleData *nid = g_new0(NotifyIdleData, 1);
 	nid->fd = file_data_ref(fd);
 	nid->type = type;
 	g_idle_add_full(G_PRIORITY_HIGH, file_data_send_notification_idle_cb, nid, NULL);
+    */
 static GHashTable *file_data_monitor_pool = NULL;
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