There is quite a serious bug or lack of feature in Geeqie. One can use a 
monitor profile, but the monitor profile uses the perceptual rendering intent 
instead of relative colorimetric, if it supports both. The default option 
should always be relative colorimetric, even if more rendering intents are 
present in the profile. That is of utmost importance and more of a bug. 
Secondary to that is adding an easily-accessible option to switch rendering 
intents, more of a feature request.

Attached is my monitor profile which when used in Geeqie leads to very wrong 
colors because the perceptual intent is used. When I use it in RawTherapee, 
GIMP or XnViewMP I can select relative colorimetric, and then things are 

I hope this issue gets addressed soon, because until such a time I must 
resort to other image viewers when I need color management.

Kind regards

P.S. If I send a bug report via https://github.com/BestImageViewer/geeqie 
will you see it? I ask because mailing lists are a major hassle. I already 
posted this report once via email, and no sign of it here. This is my second 
attempt, this time via post.gmane.org .

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