I have a picture collection with about 660 subdirectories. I recently
noticed the following issue:

- I view some images in one of the image subdirectories
- I go back to the top directory (with the 660 subdirectories in it)
- geeqie window (combined file list + image window) stops updating until
  I resize it. I don't see the list of the 660 subdirectories.

More exactly, geeqie window returns blank if I iconify and restore it
(no size change involved). Hitting "r" (file list refresh) makes no
difference, only resizing fixes things.

This is using Xubuntu 14.04, geeqie 1.1-8. Using PPA geeqie_1.2.2-1dhor
the situation improved a little: Starting in a subdir and then going one
up gives me the issue, but after switching back and forth (using the
back arrrow) things are back to normal.

I was not able to reproduce the issue with a second machine, same
software versions, same directory layout. Since things seem to be
dependent on caching (see above), I suspect a timing issue.

Any ideas? Since this seems to be hard to reproduce, I'd be happy to run
more checks, if someone can tell me what to look for. Debug output
wasn't helpful, I didn't notice a difference between issue showing or


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