>Hi Folks,
>lets try again GTK+3-Bindings. I seen today that debian enabled GTK+3 in
>firefox and it looks good. Especially the problematic points (focus,
>scroll bar, ...) seems to be solved.
>So I will try GTK+3 bindings again the next days. With this I will also
>have a look into all pull requests. Lets see. Just give me some time.

Ditto with using the default theme?  Using other themes besides the default GTK 
3 theme, still seems to have problems here?  (When I reverted to the default 
GTK 3 theme, a lot of my problems appeared to dissipate.)

One problem I see with the Evince PDF viewer with GTK 3, the right scroll bar 
is extremely narrow and does not magnify big enough.  (Also drives me nuts when 
scrolling line by line or by page size.  Sometimes I get line by line 
scrolling, sometimes scroll by page size.)


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