>I suggest using the minus key to remove files from a list in the above 
>windows, and for the Delete key to always mean "delete file from disk".
>If this were to be implemented, there is then the problem of 
>communicating the change of meaning to current users. I would suggest a 
>pop-up warning window with a "Do not show this again" check-box.
>Anyone have any views on this?
>Colin Clark

Then you're going to have a lot of users complaining about deleted files.  
Also, sometimes most do not read annoying pop-up boxes.

I can see the likely rational for implementing CTRL-D as the "delete file" 
function, as most people are not going to inhibit such key sequences unless 
they have a complete system lock-up or their young kid starts banging on the 

As for me, upon photo import from my digital camera using my gphoto2 script, I 
mark all files as not writable.  So this should prevent deleting or even 
modifying photos via Geeqie or other command sequence.  I would think most, if 
not almost everybody, would not take such measures to insure their photos are 
not deleted or inadvertently modified.


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