I'm using Geeqie 1.2-3+b1 (Debian Stable) and I wanted to compare pictures as described here:

The fist "bug" I noticed, is that pressing "L" to float the file/folder list, open a maximized floated window which covered the compleded displayed picture. If I reduce the size of the window and use Ctrl-H to hide and display it, the size remains the same.
But if I hit "L" several times, the maximzed file list comes up again.

The second "bug", is when hitting "U" to display pictures side by side it only works if the second selected pictures is a non-grouped pictures (for instance 2 JPEGs). If the second selected pictures is a group (collapsed jpeg + raw), the displayed pictures are the 2nd picture jpeg and the 2nd picture raw instead of the 1st picture jpeg and the 2nd picture jpeg.

The third "bug" is perhaps a missing feature ? When comparing 2 pictures side by side, one is in focus with a blue highlight around the frame. Which means that I go go forward and backward in the list for this picture by hitting space or backspace. But appart from using the mouse to switch focus to the second picture, I haven't found a keyboard shortcut to switch focus (very inconvenient as I only use the keyboard to navigate).

Let me know if I should open a bug report or if this post is enough (or if I should provide additional details).

Thanks for the Geeqie developer by the way. I really like Geeqie.

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