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By: cpt761

>> GSL v1.8 - complete package whitout sources
>> error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _log1p 

If you open the gsl/config.h you will find the line: #define HAVE_DECL_LOG1P 1 
This means that this GSL libs have been build for an environment where log1p
is available (from an external library).
If you don't have it, you have to buil GSL yourself.
Don't worry it's really easy.

Building GSL 1.8 under Windows StepByStep:
Assuming you use Visual C++ 2005 - Studio Vers. 8.

// 1) Get the sourcecode
- Download the sources:
- decompress

// 2) Configure
- Open the config.h.msvc in the VC8 directory
- change "#define HAVE_DECL_LOG1P 1" entry to "#define HAVE_DECL_LOG1P 0"
  (just to be on the safe side: change all #define HAVE_... 1 to 0)

// 3) Make
- open the visual studio solution libgsl.sln in the VC8 directory.
- Build->Batch Build
- Check the configurations you need (DLL/Static/Debug/Release) and build them
  (if you don't know what you need, check everything EXCEPT the 4 install_libgsl

// 4) Install
- Open the Property Page of the install_libgsl project (SolutionExplorer->right
- Select "All Configurations" 
- Go to Configuration Properties -> Build Events -> Pre-Build Event
- Edit the command line (click [...])
- Change the install location in the second line (to your GnuWin32 directory) 
  (If you installed the gsl win32 binaries with standard paramteres that's
- Build the "install_libgsl" project (SolutionExplorer -> right click -> build)

// 4.1) Fix the directory error
  If there are no .lib or .dll files in the /lib and /bin directory the copy
source directories are wrong:
- Go to the Pre-Buil Event command line again (see Step 4)
  In my version there where whitespaces in all Debug-StaticLib, 
Debug-DLL, Release-DLL entries
  If you are finished with step 3) those should be the same as your build output
- Just change everything that looks like this: ../Debug - Static Lib/..
to ../Debug-StaticLib/..
  ( The same with: Release - Static Lib, Debug - DLL, Release DLL)
- Build the "install_libgsl" project 

This should do it!
If this solved your GSL&Windows problem, please let me know!

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