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Subject: Utilise essential lean problem solving tools in a logistics environment

Land Fleet Management and Operations

15 - 16 June 2017 , Singapore

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Managing a fleet has never been simple or inexpensive. Fleets aren’t 
necessarily operated as a profit center, but as a necessity to service an 
organization’s customers. They play an important role in carrying out a 
company’s business activities, supporting the company’s logistics and 
distribution activities.


In order to effectively manage the company’s transportation fleet, it is vital 
for the practitioners to have a detailed understanding of the entire fleet 
management process. With a successful fleet management program, those companies 
which rely on transportation in business could remove or mitigate risks 
associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency and productivity, and 
reducing their overall operation costs.


Major Benefits Of Attending – You Will Be Able To:

ü  UTILISE essential lean problem solving tools in a logistics environment

ü  COMPREHEND the DMAIC improvement model and applying it in land fleet

ü  EXPLORE the principles of quality improvement and quality systems to smarten 
your fleet operations

ü  ELIMINATE human errors for an efficient and safe working environment

ü  PLAN for future growth by measuring and improving your fleet performance

ü  IMPROVE overall cost, distribution and management techniques through lean 


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Joint Convention Malang 2017
25-28 September 2017
Ijen Suites Hotel Malang, Jawa Timur


Iuran tahunan Rp.250.000,- (profesional) dan Rp.100.000,- (mahasiswa)
Pembayaran iuran anggota ditujukan ke:
Bank Mandiri Cab. Wisma Alia Jakarta (a/n IAGI)
No. Rek: 123 0085005314
Bank BCA KCP. Manara Mulia (A/n: Shinta Damayanti)
No. Rekening: 255-1088580

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