I believe that the very popular CBC program "COUNTERSPIN" too was
unceremoniously cancelled by the CBC because of pressure from Jewish lobby
groups and right-wingers, who thought the program was giving too much
chances for Canadians to express their views against Israel and the USA. In
one of the episodes, the famous Jewish criminal, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, was
mauled by Rabbi Michael Lerner. Towards the end of the show, angry
Dershowitz scolded the show host Carol Off, and, lo and behold, it did not
take too long for the show to be shut down.

Then, Carol Off went on to produce a rabidly anti-Muslim 'documentary' on
Nigeria, which is quite uncharacteristic of Carol Off, but perhaps as
penance to please the Jewish lobbies. So, she was not fired from CBC.

Despite an avalanche of emails from Canadians protesting the cancellation of
the show, CBC has put all the nails on the coffin of Counterspin.

Canadian journalist Rick Salutin, in his article in the Globe and Mail "All
the news that's fit to filter"  wrote:

"I have been troubled by the thought of media filters since I heard that CBC
Newsworld has cancelled its show Counterspin. I think it is -- er, was -- a
unique example of unfiltered news coverage. In every show, it put those
actually involved in contentious issues on air and let them go at it. The
host mostly directed traffic. It ran for an hour, so there was back and
forth, then more back and forth, which is the only way to really explore
issues when serious differences exist..."

Here are a few comments from fellow Canadians : " A show should not be
pulled from the air because it raises the concerns that many Canadians have.
This, and other forms of media control are bringing the end of democracy as
we know it. It is news like this that gets me truly angry..."
"Cancellation of Counterspin?  - That is because facts and truth undermine
their (right-wing) ideology. When the light hits the cockroaches, they

"It's about privatization and it's about control. Business owns so much medi
a already. The CBC is the only 'mainstream' kind of news left, if it gets
rid of it's public debate shows there is no voice left for regular
Canadians. That is my fear, we are being shut up." - Vive Le Canada

Meer Sahib

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Ask CBC to reinstate fired call-in show host

           Did Don Hill ruffle feathers in Alberta with discussions
                       gay rights, electrical de-regulation?

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