After a lot of fiddling, I finally got it working. :-)

As it turned out, the problem wasn't ivtv-related at all, but came from my
lack of knowledge about how kernel modules are loaded.

At some point during the gathering of mailing list tips, I had inserted
ivtv and ivtv-fb into /etc/modules so they were loaded at boot. But (as
I've now discovered) that also means that the options in /etc/modutils/ivtv
are not applied at that point. So the ivtv module was running with default
options, and that didn't work.

So if some of you have the same problem, this is what I finally ended up

# [other irrelevant modules deleted]
tda9887 pal=B
ivtv ivtv_std=2 tda9887=0

alias char-major-81     videodev
alias char-major-81-0   ivtv
alias char-major-61     lirc_i2c

Note the lack of "post-install", "add below", and all the other magic
spells gathered from maillist threads. The options in /etc/modules was all
that I needed here in PAL-B/G country.

Good luck to the rest of you, and feel free to ask if you need further
details :-)


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