On Thursday 24 May 2007, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> The intent with this is clear but the solution you suggest albeit simple
> does not really match where we could end up with kconfig.
> Recently Roman added support for options in the kconfig language
> and I would assume we could deal with most of this just using options.

that certainly sounds nicer :)

> One example could be to support options for the mainmenu entrye like this:
> mainmenu "Busybow config system"
>       option project="Busybox"
>       option version="$VERSION"   <= Where '$' signify an environment variable

this is doable now ?  if so, i'll test it out in uClibc ...

> In this way we could later distribute kconfig as a binary instead
> of building it into the source as today.

not entirely sure how useful that'd be unless you mean as a completely sep 
package that distributions would include ...

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