On Thursday 31 May 2007, Vegard Nossum wrote:
> By the way, according to the GCC manual [1], "Only one precompiled
> header can be used in a particular compilation", which, if I interpret
> it correctly, might make header precompilation useless for the kernel
> anyway. But here's my attempt (I hope the patch comes through okay).

It should be possible to make it work, but not the way you tried.
One way that might be feasible is to have a single header file precompiled,
and make that include all the common files (fs.h, mm.h, module.h, autoconf.h,
sched.h, init.h). You then need to pass that header file to gcc as the
first one that is included, using the '-include' argument.

You also need to take some care about the gcc arguments that you pass.
E.g. passing -DMODULE when building the precompiled header means that
you can't use that .pch when you build a file where you don't pass

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