On Tue, Jun 05, 2007 at 10:19:59AM +0200, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> If on the other hand you are proposing a script to clean whitespace
> damage in the code then git already does this nicely.

I've read that too quickly, sorry. What then all that clean scripts
are for?

> I do not recall the actual receipt but searching the git mailing list
> should reveal it. So for whitespace cleanup we should use git but maybe
> via a small helper script.

So, just to protect script from itself or similar one, here's update
(only for those, who's interested, of course).

-*- clean-whitespace.sh -*-
#!/bin/sh -e
# stdin/stdout

t="`printf '\t'`" ; s=' ' ; s7='       ' ; w79=79 ;
case $0 in *diff* | *patch*) p='+' ; s='';; esac

while read line
do case "$line" in
   ++*) echo "$line";;
   $p*) line="`echo \"$line\" | expand`"
        [ ${#line} -gt $w79 ] && : ${long:=line}
        echo "$line" | sed "/^$p/{s_ *\$__;s_^$p$s7${s}_$p${t}_;s_$s7 _${t}_g}"
     *) echo "$line";;
[ -n "$long" ] && echo "at least one line, wider than $w79 chars, found" 1>&2


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