On Tue, Aug 21, 2007 at 10:37:21AM -0500, Edgar, Eric J. wrote:
> Hi,
>             I was curious about the need to check for the .config file
> and include/config folder from /usr/src/linux (kernel sources) when
> using kbuild_output support.
>             Shouldn't kbuild use all the files in the kbuild_output
> folder instead anyway?
>             I have a situation where there may be a configured kernel
> tree but I want to override that and use kbuild_output instead for some
> modules.

It is unfortunately not possible to teach make/kbuild to solely use
files from the output directory if files with same name is present locally.

So the rule is simple: the source tree must be clean when using O=..
And then a few heuristics are used to check if the source tree is clean.

But if what you want is to build a few external modules then this is
no problem. All output wil be stored with the external module.
If you on the other hand wil build some kernel internal module (say
ext2.ko) then you cannot teach kbuild to place output somewhere else
if the kernel has been build without use of O=..


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