On Wed, 29 Aug 2007, Jan Beulich wrote:

> Roman,
> while I realize that it might not be intended to be used in this way (though 
> nothing
> explicitly says it either way), I'm trying to understand why this (much 
> simplified)
> input
> config MODULES
>       bool "Enable loadable module support"
> choice
>       tristate "Test choice"
>       default y
> config TEST1
>       tristate "Test1"
> config TEST2
>       bool "Test2"
> config TEST3
>       tristate "Test3"
> endchoice
> results in Test2 being offered a N/y selection (rather than no selection at 
> all) if
> the choice itself gets selected to M,

What do you mean with "gets selected to M"?

> and why additionally the 'default y' isn't
> being honored.

A choice default works a bit different and should point to the name of the 
default choice.

> (Besides that, there's a warning about TEST2 getting re-defined
> from boolean to tristate, but I think that warning can easily be suppressed as
> it seems simply pointless.)

Well, what's the point in mixing these types?

bye, Roman

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