> > > I've noticed an oddity with CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU in 2.6.23-rc:
> > > make oldconfig seems to turn it on even when nothing wants it,
> > > increasing kernel size by about 10k; but if you then edit the
> > > line out of .config and make oldconfig again, it correctly
> > > offers the choice and lets it be turned off after all.

I have tried to track down what is happening here.
The culprint is:

        depends on SUSPEND_SMP_POSSIBLE && PM_SLEEP
        select HOTPLUG_CPU
        default y

It seems that due to the fact that SUSPEND_SMP is default y
then kconfig enforce the "select HOTPLUG_CPU".

And this happens despite the fact that PM_SLEEP is 'n'

It is somewhere in sym_calc_value() or one of the childs that
suddenly causes the change.
But I find it hard to follow this part of the logic in kconfig.

Roman - can you help here with what is going on?


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