On Tue, Oct 09, 2007 at 06:17:43AM +0200, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> > 
> > What about, that this is the first ever prompt, that must be shown and
> > written to the .config?
> Two issues to fix before we can do this:
> 1) chocie values cannot have more than one prompt

what occupying all my time now is to try to make fast and easy (text/tty)
user interface, based solely on TERM=linux capability. It is such, but
deep in ncurses/lxdialog wrappers. Having more flexible TUI without
all past stereotypes is the major point in making any progress for
flexible configuration interface. Remember, how blind `select` hurts.
It does due to UI limitations in first place, IMHO.

> 2) We need to share much more Kconfig* between the individual architectures
>    First step is to let all arch's use drivers/Kconfig

All syntax wars are over, now order is the second thing to achieve. Like
in x86 merge case, this is purely technical thing with a bit of manual
work after that. sed magic for (nearly any kind :) of textual processing
i can guarantee without (yet another) C (like fixdep.c, parts of
sumversion.c, etc.)

> Let's get the two items above solved then we can revisit adding arch selection
> to kconfig (where it belongs in the end).
> And neither require a rewrite of kconfig...

Since i try to do test driven development, it's more easy for me to
understand/fix/test today's things via making bits from scratch. Fresh
view can do more on debugging of the logic level also.

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