On Thu, 24 Dec 2015, Paul Moore wrote:

> Hi James,
> Nine patches for v4.5; there are a handful of minor fixes (constify 
> parameters, warning rate-limits, etc.) but there are a couple of significant 
> patches that invalidate/revalidate inode labels (needed for gfs2) and make 
> validate_trans decisions visible via selinuxfs.  All the patches pass the 
> selinux-testsuite and have been included in the pcmoore/kernel-secnext Fedora 
> COPR repository[1] for some time now, all looks good.
> As of about five minutes ago, selinux#upstream applied cleanly on top of 
> linux-security#next so I don't expect you should have any problems merging 
> the 
> code.


James Morris

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