David Howells <dhowe...@redhat.com> wrote:

> If a certificate is self-signed, don't bother checking the validity of the
> signature.  The cert cannot be checked by validation against the next one
> in the chain as this is the root of the chain.  Trust for this certificate
> can only be determined by whether we obtained it from a trusted location
> (ie. it was built into the kernel at compile time).
> This also fixes a bug whereby certificates were being assumed to be
> self-signed if they had neither AKID nor SKID, the symptoms of which show
> up as an attempt to load a certificate failing with -ERANGE or -EBADMSG.
> This is produced from the RSA module when the result of calculating "m =
> s^e mod n" is checked.

Oops - I forgot to change the patch description.

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