David Howells <dhowe...@redhat.com> wrote:

> Partially revert commit 41c89b64d7184a780f12f2cccdabe65cb2408893:
>       Author: Petko Manolov <pet...@mip-labs.com>
>       Date:   Wed Dec 2 17:47:55 2015 +0200
>       IMA: create machine owner and blacklist keyrings
> The problem is that prep->trusted is a simple boolean and the additional
> x509_validate_trust() call doesn't therefore distinguish levels of
> trustedness, but is just OR'd with the result of validation against the
> system trusted keyring.
> However, setting the trusted flag means that this key may be added to *any*
> trusted-only keyring - including the system trusted keyring.
> Whilst I appreciate what the patch is trying to do, I don't think this is
> quite the right solution.

Please apply this to security/next.

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