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At the Marxist Education Project, The Life and Thought of Louis-Auguste Blanqui
Sat, March 11 @ 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
$6 - $15

388 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

A talk and discussion with Doug “Enaa” Greene

In the revolutionary tradition, the name of the nineteenth-century French 
communist Louis-Auguste Blanqui (1805-1881) is remembered either with derision 
or—at best—as a noble failure. Yet during his lifetime, Blanqui was a towering 
figure of revolutionary courage and commitment as he organized nearly a 
half-dozen failed revolutionary conspiracies and spent half of his life in 
jail. His first street fight was in 1827. Blanqui inspired an uprising in 1839 
by the League of the Just, a forerunner of the Communist League of which Marx 
was a member in Paris. He was imprisoned for his role in the revolutionary wave 
of activity in 1848. During the Commune of 1871, his ability to inspire was 
felt to be so strong that Thiers would not exchange him for the captured 
archbishop of Paris. He is known well for his phrase that we have inherited as 
“No Gods, No Masters”. Blanqui’s perspective was diametrically opposed to the 
reformers and utopians who abhorred revolution. Rather, he thought earnestly 
and without illusions about what it would take to actually make a revolution. 
In a time like today, when the old formulas of following the lesser evil, 
social democracy, and other such schemes are falling short, it is worthwhile to 
take a fresh look at Blanqui.

Doug “Enaa” Greene is a Marxist writer and historian living in the greater 
Boston area. He is the author of Specters of Communism: Blanqui and Marx, 
forthcoming from Haymarket Books.


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