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The Truth and Reconciliation Committee was established in 2008 and reported in 
2015 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth_and_Reconciliation_Commission_(Canada)
The column below appears the Globe and Mail.  This paper is not the largest 
newspaper in Canada, but it is the most authoritative   in English Canada.
                        ken h

Senator scores Canada a late-game medal in the Wingnut Olympics


These kids often worked in the fields to produce food that never made it to 
their plates but, enthused, Senator Beyak spoke in the Standing Senate 
Committee on Aboriginal Peoples: “Nobody meant to hurt anybody, the little 
smiles in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are real, the clothes are 
clean and the meals are good. There were many people who came from residential 
schools with good training and good language skills, and, of course, there were 
the atrocities as well.”

Just try putting that on the end of everything, “Yeah, we went camping, saw a 
beautiful sunset, roaring fire, roasted marshmallows. Of course, there were the 
atrocities as well.”

* * * * * *

Mental abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse, were endemic to the 
residential-school system. The “students” were often kept in substandard 
conditions and 6,000 children died while in what is farcically called “care,” 
largely because of malnourishment and disease. The schools had graveyards, and 
many graves were unmarked. But let’s be clear about this: Even had the 
schooling been adequate – hell, had these kids been given top-notch education 
and wonderful care, had the Canadian government sent thousands of Indigenous 
children to the equivalent of Trinity College School – it would still have been 
the wrong thing to do.

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