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At first everyone assumed it was Assadist or Russian planes, since for them, killing 57 people in one hit at a place like a mosque is a more or less everyday event, just another yawn. But it was their close ally, the US Trump regime. The US claimed to be targeting "al-Qaida" (ie, JFS). I assume all the Islamophobic left, all those who can never shut up about the great threat of "al-Qaida" in Syria (by which they mean the ex-Qaida JFS), will praise this latest US contribution to the Putin-Assad "war on terror", war on the revolution, in Syria. Not unusual of course, except in the sheer numbers killed in one strike and the fact that it was worshippers inside a mosque; and also not really any different to how it was under Obama - Trump is more a continuation than a break, just more open, proud and deadly about it.

And for some reason, I keep seeing article after article claiming Trump's Syria policy is "still unclear," a "mystery" etc. Everyothing I've seen Trump and his entire gagle saying for months has been abundantly clear to me - not sure where the "unclarity" is. He says the US should join Putin and Assad to "fight ISIS" (as if that wasn't already Obama policy), which he pretends to think is what they are doing. He says the US should cut off all remaining tiny pittances of alleged "aid" to anti-Assad rebels (which btw, Mattis strongly agrees on), as if the US was actually providing any. Very clear, and very consistent with US actions over the last few months under both US regimes.

Exclusive: US Says it Carried Out Deadly Strike that Hit an Aleppo Mosque
Written by Samuel Oakford on March 16, 2017
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