His controllers build java objects which become the model to be hand off to the view layer.  How would you hand java objects to php pages?  Any MVC webapp framework will have this problem.  You could serialize out the java objects to the filesystem as XML and read that into the PHP pages, but that is a colossal hack.


You could use Ambivalence to rebuild the business logic in PHP, or you can rewrite your PHP templates as JSP (or Velocity), but either way you probably need to change something.  These technologies are more or less immiscible at the level of granularity you are looking for.





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Hi all,


I've recently teamed up with an applications developer to offer my web development skills and am currently picking apart his software.  He currently has a nifty Java based server app which displays information through Maverick and Velocity.  I believe there are lines in his Maverick Web.xml that read -




It is these lines that I am assuming allow his Java server app to send properties and results to his Velocity pages.


Anyway, what I want to do, if it is at all possible, is to change his system so that it sends the information to and through PHP pages.  I'm happy to continue using Maverick if I can, but seeing as the system I built that bolts onto his software uses PHP, I would like to exchange all the .vm pages to also use the same PHP classes.  Make sense?  (I babble).


How can I do this?  And if it's not possible with Maverick, what system can I use?


I originally thought Ambivalence was made for this, but having read the manual for it, it now seems more like a PHP templating system to seperate PHP code from the presentation, much like Maverick seperates Java from presentation.... But I've already built the PHP templating system using other means.


Please please help,



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