I can see that there has already been some discussion as how to implement this and it seems to appear from time to time on the mailing list.  I did notice that there was a problem found “in the current chaining mechanism” with opensymphony – I am not familiar with that, could someone elaborate?  Is there still interest for this as a feature?  How are people that would use it getting around it now?  Is there someplace that I could read what the “current” spec for this is?


OK, now for the introduction, I use Maverick.NET and developed Opt-NVelocity for it.  While I am not actually interested (today) in using the java version, I think I recall a desire to keep the 2 projects somewhat in sync.  I am interested in controller chaining as I am unhappy with my current solution of extending a base controller for each possible chained controller.  This does work and works pretty well most of the time, until you are limited by single inheritance.  I am in the middle of a large project that I think chaining could be a big help in and I figure that I can spend time working around what I think I want and actually implementing what I want.


Anyway, sorry to bother the Java list, but wanted to get the opinion here first.  Any enlightenment would be appreciated.



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