Taavi Tiirik wrote:
I have two webapps using Webwork, Maverick, Tomcat 4.1,
Hibernate, JSP views (but switching to freemarker soon).

These web applications have to be available 7 days a week,
24 hours a day but the problem is they need new features
almoust every day. But I am kind of tired of deploying new
releases duering night when there is less users.

So I am trying to find a best way how to deploy changes
into working system. If this is possible at all.

Please be so kind and share your experiences.

Yeah, we have the same problem and currently we try to find low-usage hours to do it. We'll be looking more at the 2-node cluster strategy Jason mentioned in the future.

If you have the luxury of having static output you could always generate the HTML and shove them onto an Apache server. Then you can upgrade the dynamic stuff behind the covers.


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