Deploy in a clustered environment and bring down the cluster nodes one
at a time, upgrade that one, and bring it back online... You need a
server that can interact with your load balancer which sits in front
(either a hardware device or a plugin to a web server like Apache) so
that you can tell it you want to take node "A" offline and it will stop
routing new users to node "A" but will allow current users to continue
until they stop using the app and their sessions eventually time out....
Or implement session replication and just pull the plug and let them
fail over :-)

I know WebLogic provides this type of operational support, but you may
be able to get it in a cheaper server, like Resin, but I haven't
deployed in a production environment on those. 


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> From: Taavi Tiirik [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 8:06 AM
> Subject: [OS-webwork] webwork, maverick and 24x7
> Hi,
> I have two webapps using Webwork, Maverick, Tomcat 4.1, 
> Hibernate, JSP views (but switching to freemarker soon).
> These web applications have to be available 7 days a week,
> 24 hours a day but the problem is they need new features 
> almoust every day. But I am kind of tired of deploying new 
> releases duering night when there is less users.
> So I am trying to find a best way how to deploy changes
> into working system. If this is possible at all.
> Please be so kind and share your experiences.
> Oh, and I am not so tied to tomcat after all...
> thank you in advance,
> taavi
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