Hi Maverick users,

I have a simple problem. Of course, I'd like a simple solution :-)

We use a header JSP across many JSP pages. On some of those JSP pages, we
have Javascript functions available (inside the <head> tag), but not on all

We use the ${wrapped} and Maverick transformation to replace the <body>
content on our pages. But we can't have multiple ${wrapped} in one page, so
we can't use Maverick transform to replace the Javascript functions when

Ideally, we would have something like that in the header JSP:

        <c:out value="${wrapped}" escapeXml="false"/>  <-- "transform" this
to Javascript functions -->
        <c:out value="${wrapped}" escapeXml="false"/> <-- "transform" that
to body content -->

At the moment, we have the choice of several (unsatisfying) workarounds:
* have all Javascript functions in all pages,
* create a custom header for each set of Javascript functions

Any pointer would be appreciated.


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