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I am just trying to add some internalization support to my Maverick application, which has been running flawlessly for years (!), and I ran into a problem.  What seems to happen is that the page that is to be inserted into $wrapper goes through some undesired transformation.  I have configured Maverick to use UTF-8 via the defaultRequestCharset parameter.  I also configured Velocity to use UTF-8 for reading templates with input.encoding=UTF-8 and for writing output with output.encoding=UTF-8.  All this works perfectly in the "page1.m" case below and I see the desired output (the french characters) in my browsers.

But in the "page2.m" case, The $wrapped text hasn't been converted correctly.  Interestingly, any text in the surrounding frame (i.e., frame.vm) is displayed correctly.

I came across some other posts in the past that eluded to a similar problem but I'm stumped at this point.  Any ideas?


from maverick.xml
                <command name="page1">
                        <controller class="General">
                        <view name="success" path="content.vm">

                <command name="page2">
                        <controller class="General">
                        <view name="success" path="content.vm">
                                <transform path="frame.vm"/>

content.vm (stored as UTF-8)
Content: from french: àààà

frame.vm (stored as UTF-8)
                <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">     
                        Header: from french: àààà

output from page1.m
Content: from french: àààà   (NOTE This was displayed correctly)

output from page2.m
 Header: from french: àààà  (NOTE This was displayed correctly)
Content: from french: Ã Ã Ã Ã (NOTE This was displayed INCORRECTLY)

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