On 16.03.2017 07:40, Martin Schreiber wrote:
> That could be possible but it is not "standard", which means nobody 
> will use it. 

Hmm. I did not at all think about any "standard" (meaning the providers 
of the two parts being different companies).

In the parsed few years, I came across several project that should run 
on a non-monitored server (i. e. as a part of a kind of "embedded" 
application). Besides decent PC applications (e.g. behind a standard Web 
server at a provider's site), there also might be rather small self 
contained "gadgets" providing a web server. The new name of such devices 
is "IOT" and a real hype at the moment. Enabling mse user to easily do 
software for those IMHO is a very viable issue.

Now such programs or devices do need maintenance, and here they could 
provide a website showing their GUI in the users' Browser.

With the method described these projects could be developed and tested 
locally (in a user friendly "RAD" type of developing process) and be 
"split up" using ifi to run freely on the server unless somebody decides 
to attach.


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