On August 31, 2002 at 07:25, "Anders Eriksson" wrote:

> I tried to get a mail environment (fetchmail, postfix, nmh, exmh) 
> setup under cygwin, but that failed quite hard. Any ideas wether nmh 
> is supposed to work cygwin?

I have a hacked build of nmh for cugwin at
This build does not have POP support enabled, so you will need to use
something like fetchmail for that part.  Or, you can try to build from
hacked source,

I have not had the time yet to incorporate the changes I did into the
main nmh source base.  Part of the changes will require some autoconf
work to get installation to work since Win32 systems automatically have
.exe extensions on executables.

You should check out the comp.mail.mh newsgroup as groups.google.com
for some fairly recent discussions about nmh usage under cygwin and
some of the problems one person was working at to get things going.


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