Went to Stirling S.F. today with Bronx River-Sound Shore Audubon and had a 
wonderful day.  Bird wise things started off slowish at the nature center area 
but we did get Hooded Warbler and a few other common birds.  When we went to 
Ironwood Rd. things started picking up.  Along the road itself we got the usual 
forest birds including Scarlet Tanager, Red-eyed Vireo, Louisiana Waterthrush, 
At the powerline cut on the left side we had Golden-winged, Blue-winged, 
Yellow, Cerulean and Prairie Warblers, Field Sparrow, and Rose-breasted 
Grosbeak as well as the other common species.  There was also supposed to be a 
Yellow-breasted Chat there too, but I did not see or hear it.  
On the right side of the cut we had most of the same species plus Yellow-billed 
Cuckoo, a white bellied/throated and pale yellow breasted backcross male 
Brewster's warbler, Broad-winged Hawk, Common Raven, and others.  The 
Brewster's and a Golden-winged gave nice long looks at themselves. 
Besides birds it was a great day for herps.  I had several Common Five-lined 
Skinks, caught a 5+ ft. Black Ratsnake, a 4+ ft. Northern Black Racer, a 
Northern Watersnake, a Wood Turtle (thanks Bernie), Green, Bull, and Gray 
Treefrogs. Butterflies were around everywhere too especially Spicebush and 
Eastern Tiger Swallowtails.
I guess I should've known it'd be such a great day when I walked outside my 
house and found a new $100 dollar bill on the street:-)
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