I spent some time this morning looking at shorebirds on a high tide in the West 
End Marina. While walking back to the gazebo from the eastern spit I saw Stan 
(a West End regular - sorry Stan, forgot your last name) talking to Tom Burke 
and Gail Benson, the distant conversation being followed by a remarkably quick 
movement of the participants toward their vehicles. Tom stopped to tell me that 
Stan had just found two Black-necked Stilts (photos taken) at the WE2 swale. We 
arrived at the swale approx. ten minutes after Stan’s observation - no Stilts. 
Present, however was a young Peregrine Falcon chasing anything with wings. A 
search of the ponds east of WE2 (ponds flooded) and areas between the dunes 
with standing water was fruitless. Any flooded pond or depression could hold 
these birds, so be on the lookout.

On a more positive note, and if anyone besides me has not already seen this 
bird, the Yellow-throated Warbler continues at Bayard Cutting Arboretum, where 
he was seen and heard this morning and early this afternoon. My afternoon 
observation consisted of hearing the bird singing the moment I got out of the 
car. The bird was singing from the top of a conifer near the active Osprey nest 
(listen for the racket) on the east side of the main entrance road. The bird 
moved frequently, working his way north along the east side of the road toward 
the toll booth, finally crossing the road to the west side.


Ken Feustel

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