A Dijous, 28 de juliol de 2011 19:12:29, Fabien Pinckaers va escriure:
> It's a pity that some lost their trust on OpenERP, especially because these
> fears and doubts have been highly motivated by tryton guys that tried to
> create frustrations, unfair critics and war against OpenERP. We used to
> never answer to these unfair attacks as creating a war and motivate people
> by frustrations is not the way I see an open community. It is not sane.

Can't talk for others but this is not our case. We looked for an alternative 
when we saw we could not have a solution for our problems in OpenERP. There 
are several reasons but here are two of them:

- The migration policy: it's not open.
- The censorship in the partner's mailing list were risen by myself when I 
discovered it by chance, otherwise noone would know that some messages were 
being discarded without even notifying the authors.

These are plain facts. Nobody is throwing FUD on them. They are OpenERP SA 
decisions. You're free to do them, the same way we're free to move away. But 
telling the community we're moving away because of members of the Tryton 
community is simply not true. We feel luky Tryton exists, we hope things will 
move forward and the Foundation will help in that, but if it didn't we would 
have to move to something else. Tryton is the consequence, not the cause.

> So, guys, don't be confused by what's being said; some activists are
> motivated by something else than creating a strong product and community
> on OpenERP. We always hear the same people criticising, they do not
> represent the community.

This "they want to fuck us with no real reason" is nonsense, at least if you 
include NaN in this. We've invested a lot into OpenERP and the decision was 
not an easy one, so thinking that the only motivation is "by something else" 
sounds like paranoia to me or simply FUD. You know the reasons why we are 
making the move, everyone is free to decide and so you are to ignore them.

> I saw so much good contributors going not open when starting to talk about
> money (axelor, sharoon, pragtech, ...) That's why I am afraid to give a
> copyright to that kind of people that could lock OpenERP in the future.

I fully agree with you in this. When starting to talk about money some have 
tried to create closed developments, web interfaces or plugins for other 
applications. Even some have created a closed migration process! You're 
absolutely right: "we should be afraid to give a copyright to that kind of 
people that could lock OpenERP in the future."

> I don't trust everyone, but i trust myself. OpenERP already prooved that
> it's not our case. 

Mmmm... did I mention that somebody created a closed migration process?

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