I receive an error message when trying to connect to Darwin Calendar  
Server that states: "Could not logon to server"  The error logs show  
"Unauthenticated users not enabled with the 'calendar' SACL"

I have also found some interesting messages in the OLTK log:

0x05f8 [10:55:59] inside MSG_SERVICE_CONFIGURE.
0x05f8 [10:56:19] leaving ServiceEntry.
0x05f8 [10:56:19] inside XPProviderInit.
0x05f8 [10:56:19] O_IXPProvider::Create() called.
0x05f8 [10:56:19] inside IXPPRovider->TransportLogon
0x05f8 [10:56:19] IXPProvider::TransportLogon() : LOGON_NO_INBOUND set.
0x05f8 [10:56:19] inside ITable->InternalAdvise.
0x05f8 [10:56:19] inside ITable->InternalAdvise.
0x05f8 [10:56:19] O_IFolder->O_IProp::GetProps() : Found 0x0FFF0102
0x05f8 [10:56:19] O_IFolder->O_IProp::GetProps() : Found 0x3001001E
0x05f8 [10:56:19] O_IFolder->O_IProp::GetProps() : Found 0x0E090102
0x05f8 [10:56:19] inside ITable->InternalAdvise.
0x05f8 [10:56:19] inside IMsgStore->Advise.
0x05f8 [10:56:21] inside IXPPRovider->Shutdown
0x05f8 [10:56:28] inside O_IABLogon->Release()

I am currently using 20061025-01.  I don't know if this will be  
useful info but I can't connect to the server using IE either.  I  
receive the same error and it never asks me to authenticate.  With  
Firefox, on the same machine, I am able to authenticate and view the  
directory just fine.


-Tom Grove

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