The second milestone of our next release, 0.5
is available for download from Sourceforge.net


Please note that this is still just a milestone
snapshot and thus is still Beta software.
Please do not install on an Outlook installation
that you care about.

You can see a demo video that illustrates
installation and configuration at...


But with that side there has been a lot of work
done on the project and I am personally happy
about what we have so far.  Major features
since the last version include...

* Rewrite of the configuration code in .Net
* Support for Outlook 2007
* Support for Bedework CalDAV Server
* Support for Apple/Darwin Calendar Server
* Support for Browsing remote calendars
* Support for Creating remote calendars

There have been quite a few bug fixes though a
lot more are left to be fixed.  I've only had a
chance to test against two CalDAV servers but
any compliant server should work.

The next milestone, which I am hoping to have
done in about a month, should have...

* Outlook Address Book Support
* Recurrence Support
* Basic Scheduling Support
* Rewrite of the Network Access in .Net
* Lot more bug fixes

Big thanks to everyone who's made this build


Best regards,

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