While I didn't listen to the whole thing, I really heard no echo!
Tom Kaufman

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Hi everyone.  Apologies if this post strays off-topic - I believe it's relevant 
to the list so I've put it here but I guess it might be debatable.

I've been setting up to work in audiobook narration and I recently made a demo 
recording.  One of the bits of feedback that I got suggested that there was 
echo on the recording, even though I deliberately purchased the Fame Mic 
Reflexion Screen Pro Set to prevent this from happening.  Also, despite using a 
wind screen (pop shield), there are occasional popping sounds.

Personally, although I can hear the pops, I can't tell that there is any echo, 
but this may be because my ears simply aren't finely tuned.
I'd be grateful if anyone who has the time and inclination could please listen 
to the file and tell me whether or not there appears to be echo and how I might 
be able to correct issues with both the echo and the popping ... bearing in 
mind that I'm using products to reduce both (perhaps there are positional 
issues or something else?).
Additionally, although I know it's not an audio-related question related to 
this list, if anyone would be kind enough to give feedback on the quality (or 
lack of quality) of the narration itself that would also be much appreciated.

If anyone is happy to assist, the file can be found at

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Take care, Danny

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