Carsten Klee specified a simple path language for MARC records, called "MARC spec". In short it is a formal syntax to refer to selected parts of a MARC record (similar to XPath for XML):


Similar languages have been invented before but not with a strict specification, as far as I know. For instance the perl Catmandu::MARC supports references to MARC fields:


Could you please have a look at MARC spec and join forces to get a common syntax that can be used among different tools? So

- If your tool does not support all aspects of MARC spec, please implement the missing parts.

- If your tool supports more than included in MARC spec, help extending the syntax at https://github.com/cKlee/marc-spec/

- If you tool uses a different syntax to refer to parts of MARC,
please think about modifying it to align with MARC spec.


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