Hello Oberli,

                It looks like it could be a black carpet beetle larvae, though 
it’s quite pale in colour from what I’d expect; however, this could be your 
answer as you say you’ve found previous evidence of carpet beetles. Typically 
black carpet beetles eat animal products so they’re probably not interested in 
your artificial petals if they are synthetic but if they’re made with animal 
products or some of the packaging is they may be after that.

                A pest expert can probably weigh in but I thought I’d throw in 
my two cents nickels.

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Good evening,

The Museum of Art and History Fribourg (CH) is moving its collection. For the 
first time I found now a living larvae and I can’t identify it. I would be 
grateful to hear your opinions. The picture is not good, but it’s the best I 
could take with my magnifier and cell phone.
The larvae was found in one of many similar old cardboard boxes, containing 
artificial petals of textile and some sort of colouring and coating. I control 
hundreds of boxes like these and it surprises me that I find empty cocoons of 
Carpet and Cabinet Beetle in it. Do they feed from the cardboard and the old 
newspapers in it? Or could it be the colouring/coating?

I’m looking forward to read your answers!

Best wishes,

Fabienne Oberli
Assistant Project Leader / Restaurator
Musée d’art et d’histoire
Rue de Morat 12
CH-1800 Fribourg

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