Hi all,

Thanks for your comments.  I will look into both XREF and QREF which I have on 
my system.

My latest thoughts are that perhaps we can combine the best of both worlds.  We 
can continue to have default values of zero in the case of locals, while at the 
same time give an error if no value is available.  Any global variables used 
will need to be initialised.  Locals do get initialised and so are seen as bona 
fide variables.  Looking at the SB name table, this is easy to see, even using 
SBASIC.  Using Turbo toolkit, a "type" function can be defined as ...

DEFine FuNction type(var)
LOCal var$(127)
 var$ = PARNAM$(1)
 RETurn BASIC_B%(BASIC_L(24)+BASIC_INDEX%(var$)*8)
END DEFine type

This function returns 2 if var has a value, else zero.
By giving an error, this will trap both spelling mistakes and also variables 
accessed out of scope.
Michael Bulford
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