is the main download site.

I put the windows files up on Friday, if you downloaded the executable,  not 
the support files, since then, then please download again. I found a foibles in 
the export RST feature. It was not escaping asterisks, which it needs to do.

1.12 includes 1.11 too! The changes are:


Enforces a minimum size for the app and for the opened files.
Only cascades opened files when more than one opened at the same time.
Removed yellow background from opened files as it replicates to html and pdf 
Textual exports are in utf8 encoding as required for accented characters.
Bug fix: after exporting a document, closing the app asks you to export it 
Started work on replicating Quill tabs, margins etc.

This release was never, ahem, released!


Settings now stored in a slightly different location in the registry on Windows 
to be consistent with my other apps.
Added scrollbars to the main screen to allow you to scroll down,across, to any 
open file that gas moved beyond the window boundary.
Nice new main window background, just because!
Now exports in ReStructuredText format.


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