On 12/05/2017 08:42, Alain HAOUI wrote:
Thanks to Dilwyn, QubATA V3.10 package is now available from his EXCELLENT
QL Home(less ;) Pages.

This package contains all driver binaries, docs and utilities at the same
version level for all supported platforms. Utilities (Trashcan manager, IDE
monitor, CD Player and CD Explorer) are now common and should work on all
configurations with the same binaries.

V3.10 is backward compatible and as usual comes with some improvements and
bug fixes. Please, update if you can.

>From this version, driver (_Rext form) has the ability to be configured as a
main WIN driver or as second QUB driver. You may even have both 2 instances
(I don't know what utility).

It can be added to any SMSQ/E binary version as an extra module and started
automatically with SMSQ/E. On Qx0 platforms, if driver is configured as WIN
driver then SMSQ/E will be able to start normally from a QubIDE (QLW1)
master device but beware no more access to QLWA disks format. Wiser starting
as QUB driver.

Please refer to included release notes for more details.
Excellent news - for me, QubATA has revolutionised the QubIDE :)

Rich Mellor
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