Is there any way I can use the terse forms of quasiquote with at-exp?

I want to use @expressions{} inside a quasi quoted list, but the unquote
comma captures the at-sign at ,@a~{}

I'm trying to achieve the following with the at-exp

;working example
#lang at-exp racket
(require racket/random)
(define (path)
  (random-ref '["stream""brook" "path" "ravine" "forest" "fence" "stone

(~a "beyond the " (path) ", ")
@~a{beyond the @(path), }

   ,(~a "beyond the " (path) ", ")
  ;,@~a{beyond the @(path) })
   ,(~a "along the " (path) ", ")
  ;,@~a{beyond the @(path) })

My reason is I find at-expressions more readable.

Kind regards,


PS: Ive been very excited by at-exp since I read
I despise double escaping, because I always make a mistake, so this made me
very happy:

@pregexp{\d\.\d}  ; #px"\\d\\.\\d"

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