I'm playing around with SICP's Metacircular Scheme Evaluator, and thought it 
would be convenient to try and do that in a #lang setup in Racket, so I can use 
the Racket Definition Window and REPL. No Reader modification is needed, since 
Scheme code is already S-expressions. The expander just calls m-eval on each 
S-expression. This is my setup:


#lang s-exp "ME-expander.rkt"

(Scheme code ...)


#lang racket/base

(require (for-syntax racket/base))

(define-syntax (ME-module-begin stx)
  (syntax-case stx ()
    [(_ s-expressions ...)
     #'(#%module-begin (for-each
                        (lambda (expr) (displayln (m-eval expr)))
                        (list 's-expressions ...)))]))

(provide (rename-out (ME-module-begin #%module-begin))

(define (m-eval ... ; from here on the SICP Evaluator

This works fine in the ME-test.rkt Definition window, but not in the REPL which 
doesn't have bindings for anything. I would like anything typed into the 
ME-test.rkt REPL to be used as argument to the ME-module-begin macro in 

When searching for this I found descriptions of REPL setups in a more complete 
#lang setup which I don't understand yet. Is it possible to make the REPL work 
in the setup above? Any other comments are also welcome.

Many thanks in advance, Jan

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