Hello all!

I have a question regarding how sequence abstraction works in TR. In the 
sequence part of the docs it says that a sequence can consist of lists or 
vectors among other things. But does this make a function which ideally accepts 
a (Listof a) to accept something that is declared as a (Sequenceof a)? For 
example, in TR this works:

(: x (Sequenceof Symbol))
(define x '(a b c d))

However, this shows a type mismatch:

#lang typed/racket

(: step (All (a)
             (-> (-> a (Sequenceof a) (Sequenceof a))
                 (Sequenceof a)
                 (Sequenceof a))))
(define (step fn x seq)
  (fn x seq))

(step (ann cons (-> Symbol (Listof Symbol) (Listof Symbol)))
      '(b c))

Results in:

Type Checker: Polymorphic function `step' could not be applied to arguments:
Argument 1:
  Expected: (-> a (Sequenceof a) (Sequenceof a))
  Given:    (-> Symbol (Listof Symbol) (Listof Symbol))
Argument 2:
  Expected: a
  Given:    'a
Argument 3:
  Expected: (Sequenceof a)
  Given:    (List 'b 'c)

I think, trying to instantiate the polymorphic step function might help but I 
was not able to figure out how.

Thanks in advance.

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