Running Strawberry Perl on Win 7 x64 I have installed SDL and Alien::SDL from
CPAN (selecting option 1) and I'm writing a twin stick shooter game for fun. I
have three questions:

1) When rotating sprites using the ->rotation() method the sprites often get a
line of "artifact noise" along one of the sides, usually the right and/or
bottom edge of the original sprite. The effect is not constant and the
original sprites are all 100% transparent at the edges so I believe the
artifacts are introduced by the rotation algorithm. Or is it?

2) After experimenting with different sprite sizes, it seems that there's a
limit somewhere. When attempting to load a sprite that's too large, I get a
seemingly valid sprite object that just doesn't seem to render anything. Is
there a known size limit to sprites or could this be a driver issue? Or am I
overlooking something?

3) How exactly does the 'alpha_key' property work? I tried setting it to the
ubiquitous bright purple (FF00FF) but this just caused half my sprites to
become completely invisible. When using PNG files with an alpha channel, using
a key color seems pointless to me, which makes the POD example code somewhat

    # spawning can include almost all of the above:
    my $sprite = SDLx::Sprite->new(
              image   => 'hero.png',   # or surface => SDL::Surface
              rect    => SDL::Rect,    # or x => $x, y => $y
              clip    => SDL::Rect,
              alpha_key => SDL::Color, # or [$r, $g, $b]
              alpha     => 1,
              rotation  => 45, # degrees

If anyone is interested in a sneak peek, here's the code:

Suggestions are welcome :-)

Andreas Lund (fl...@atc.no)
Tel: +47 90077162
#include <disclaimer.h>
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