Actually, spamdyke is correct -- that IP does not have a valid reverse DNS 
name.  When I look up, no PTR records are returned, 
only one CNAME record:  Queries for also 
return no PTR records, only A records.  This setup is not valid; the best way 
to fix it would be to change the record for from a 
CNAME to a PTR with the same value.  I'm guessing whoever created the existing 
record didn't really understand how rDNS works and created a record that seemed 
close enough.

But to answer your question, yes!  It is possible to turn off the rDNS filters 
for just that one IP.  The feature you need is a configuration directory.  
Create a folder structure on the server like this:
Then create a file in the deepest folder named "10":
In that file, add the lines to turn off the rDNS filters:
Last, add a line to your main spamdyke config file to use the configuration 
That should do it!

Full documentation of the configuration directory feature is here:

-- Sam Clippinger

On Aug 5, 2015, at 7:16 PM, Quinn Comendant via spamdyke-users 
<> wrote:

> We're experiencing blocked email due to a DENIED_RDNS_MISSING error, although 
> the domain PTR records do resolve:
>  $ dig -x +short
> Error:
>  2015-08-05 18:56:56.452648500 spamdyke[5681]: DENIED_RDNS_MISSING from: 
> to: origin_ip: 
> origin_rdns: (unknown) auth: (unknown) encryption: TLS reason: (empty)
> I've seen the recent thread on this where Sam explains that it could be DNS 
> issues 
> (<>). 
> My question is, can we whitelist an IP for the DENIED_RDNS_MISSING error?
> Quinn
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