tor 2003-07-10 klockan 10.26 skrev Carolyn Longfoot:
> I know I know I know that technically this is not a Squid question but if 
> anybody has managed to get AdZapper to work with Windoze then please post 
> the details here. I use the installer package from here 
> and use PERL 
> from ActiveState. Testing the AdZapper script manually works ok (without any 
> changes to the script) but I can't seem to be able to properly add it to 
> quid.conf. I called the script and added this line to 
> squid.conf:
> redirect_program C:/Squid/etc/

I think you need to make a cmd file wrapper for starting the helper
alternatively tell Squid to run perl with the helper as argument.

redirect_program C:/path/to/perl.exe C:/Squid/etc/


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